Installation of New Tilting Table For Kp1 Company Completed

The installation and commissioning of a new tilting table for prefabricated concrete panels for the KP1 company has been successfully completed.

This company was born in 1959 in Pujaut, France. The KP1 Group is the culmination of more than 60 years of technological innovation, technical audacity and business vision. The creation of PPB by G. Biancone marks the beginning of this adventure, which will revolutionize the field of prefabricated construction systems in many aspects. KP1 is today the French specialist in prefabrication, a benchmark in intelligent structural solutions for all types of buildings.

The size of the tilting table is 37 x 3.50 meters and is designed to make the best use of the available space. The table is designed to make precast concrete panels up to 25 cm thick. This table is finished with a mirror polish that allows a very high quality of panels to be obtained using self-leveling concrete.

With the lower band, with hydraulic adjustment, it is possible to manufacture panels with various thicknesses between 10 and 25 cm The upper band, also with hydraulic adjustment, in the width of the table, allows us to create panels with a maximum width of 3.50 meters and 2.5 meters minimum width. The upper band has formwork for 15 and 18 cm panel thickness.

This band has built-in wheels so as not to damage the “mirror” finish when moving across the width of the table. As a peculiarity of the band, it is manufactured in 3 sections to complete the 37 longitudinal meters, each of these segments move individually, having the possibility of making knife panels.

All the hydraulic systems are controlled by a hydraulic unit, which incorporates an electrical panel that allows all movements from a remote control.

In addition, magnetic modular spacers and a magnetic modular top belt have been supplied

allowing panels of any height to be produced.

Source: Moldtech

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