Hiab Improves Crane Operators’ Safety and Efficiency With New HiSkill Simulator

Hiab announces the launch of HiSkill, a cost-efficient training simulator to improve safe and efficient knuckle boom crane operations.

HiSkill uses virtual reality technology to create a safe and realistic learning environment for operators of HIAB knuckle boom cranes. Operators can learn the basics of crane operation without the risk of personal injury or damage to equipment or the surrounding environment. HiSkill also tracks and analyzes operator movements to provide actionable improvement suggestions.

“HiSkill is a game-changer for crane operator training, providing the safest, most efficient and cost-effective learning system on the market. The new training simulator from Hiab is a great tool for any company that wants to improve the safety and efficiency of its crane operations”

says Maria Lindroos, Director, Digital Services Transformation, Hiab.

Following a successful pilot, a customer with a nationwide operation has ordered 50 simulators and started using the new training system. During the pilot, HiSkill reduced its training costs by up to 50%, while doubling the first-time pass rate for the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators certification.

The system can easily be used by all customers from small businesses to large fleets. The lightweight and portable VR kits enable simulators to be used anywhere, anytime with an additional annual subscription fee per operator.