Hydrema MX16 Sweden Edition is available as a demo machine

Hydrema Sweden has developed a special wheeled excavator with a special focus on the Swedish market. It is a Hydrema MX16 packed with equipment.

The new Hydrema MX16 model is equipped with a powerful LED lighting system positioned along the steel arches to ensure excellent visibility to the driver even during night work or in conditions of low visibility outside. Source: Hydrema

The machine is delivered in black paint and is equipped with tinted windows, stereo package with subwoofer, cooler box, ventilated and air-suspneded driver’s seat, boom suspension, 4 cameras for great vislibilty aorund the entire machine, stylish stainless steel arches mounted with LED position – and flash lights and – of course – a BIG light package, so that the driver has the best working conditions both night and day.

The machine is equipped with Engcon Rototilt with Q-Safe & EC Oil, Moba Xsite Pro 2D excavation system prepared for GPS, automatic central lubrication system and much more.

The undercarriage on the MX16 Sweden Edition can be configured as you wish : dozer blade, stabilizer legs or BM quickhitch. In addition, the machine is equipped with a stronger drive motor, which is usually only available on the larger MX18 excavator. In addition, a trailer coupling type KS80 is mounted, along with hydraulics for tipping and braking. Finally the machine comes with Nokian Excavator 650 / 45-22.5 tires.

Detail of Nokian Excavator 650 / 45-22.5 tires. Source: Hydrema

Below you can see the full list of equipment on the Hydrema MX16 Sweden edition

Model: MX16, black paint, dipper length: 2.5m


  • Can be delivered with any configuration of dozer blade, stabilizer legs or BM hitch. On the demo machine there is an A3 chassis with tiltable BM hitch at the front and stabilizer legs at the rear.
  • Tires: Nokian Excavator 650 / 45-22.5
  • Reinforced mud guards with aluminum plates
  • Driving motor from MX18 (190cc instead of 170cc) = 12% stronger
  • Trailer coupling KS80 (ball type), hydraulics for tipping and braking in the undercarriage
  • The smooth surfaces of the stabiilzer legs are non-slip with 300 mm wide anti-slip protection from 3M and an extra footstep.


  • 1″ pipe layout for return flow
  • Hydraulic option 2 – incl. steering via roller in joysticks
  • Hydraulic option 3 – with priority for constant flow
  • Float function for boom cylinder
  • Suspended boom
  • Extra hose burst valves on bucket cylinder and excavator cylinder.
  • Engcon quick hitch (S60) and Rototilt with Q-Safe & EC Oil between the machine and rototilt. roto sensor.
  • SVAB L8 joysticks


  • Tinted windows
  • Ventilated and air-suspended driver’s seat
  • Stereo package with subwoofer
  • Electric cooling box – 14.5 l.
  • Diesel heater with control via mobile phone
  • Hydrema rubber mat and shoe mat
  • The entrance at the door is non-slip with 3M self-adhesive coating
  • 4 cameras for a good overview of the machine: 2 on the counterweight, 1 on the engine bonnet and 1 on the right-hand-side of the uppercarriage

BIG light package:

  • 26 LED work lights
  • Stainless steel arch on counterweight – position and flash light
  • Stainless steel arch on bonnet – position and flash light
  • Stainless steel ceiling arch – position and flashlight
  • Position light on the frame of the upper carraige
  • LED driving lights
  • Black LED flashlight arch on the ceiling


  • Moba XSITE Pro-system, 2D prepared for GPS


  • Automatic central lubrication system, incl. rototilt
  • Large generator – 110A
  • Extra footsteps on the undercarraiage, at the engine bonnet.
  • Electric pump for filling of fuel tank
  • GPS tracker
Hydrema Mx16 Sweden edition.
Source: Hydrema

Source: Hydrema