Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm calls Liebherr

In the port of Rostock, the first monopiles for the offshore wind farm “Kriegers Flak”, which is currently under construction, were loaded. The wind farm, located south of the Danish coast, will supply up to 600,000 households with electricity in the future and will thus become Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm. The loading of the monopile foundation piles will be handled by Liebherr’s heavy-duty gantry crane type TCC 78000, inaugurated in 2019. The manufacturer of the monopiles is the offshore wind specialist EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH, also based in Rostock.

The port of Rockstock, Germany, has been taken over by Liebherr’s giant TCC 78000, currently working on the Danish offshore wind farm “Kriegers Flak”. The TCC 78000 heavy-duty gantry crane, inaugurated by Liebherr in 2019, is used for direct loading from the quay edge into the water.

Liebherr TCC 78000 heavy-duty crane loads 72 monopiles for the largest Danish offshore wind farm “Kriegers Flak”. Source: Liebherr

The first monopile, out of a total of 72 monopile foundations, had been loaded from the dock into the water in the port of Rostock as early as the beginning of May. For direct loading into the water, the otherwise hollow piles, which are open at both ends, must be sealed watertight in advance with specially constructed sealing caps, so-called plugs. The sealing condition thus created enables the monopile foundation piles, which are over 65 metres long and weigh up to 800 tonnes, to float.

Liebherr provides additional storage space of almost 9,000 m² on its premises.Up to four monopiles can be stored here simultaneously and prepared for loading. The “Kriegers Flak” will be the largest offshore wind farm in Denmark as well as the largest Vattenfall offshore project in Denmark to date. It is located about 15 kilometres off the Danish coast and is expected to generate energy that should cover the annual electricity consumption of about 600,000 Danish households.

The Liebherr TCC 78000 lifts monopiles with a total weight of up to 810 tonnes and a length of more than 65 metres. Source: Liebherr

This project saw the companies Liebherr, EEW SPC and Vattenfall join efforts in a common front as partners.

“We are pleased to be able to take over the first external loading order of the TCC 78000 for the renowned company EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH from the direct neighbourhood in the Rostock overseas port. The fact that we are now also contributing a part to the largest Danish offshore wind farm makes us a little proud,”

comments Gregor Levold, General Manager Shipping and Heavy Lift Handling at Liebherr in Rostock, Germany. Since 2008 EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH has been a pioneer in the production of monopiles, which are used as foundations for offshore wind turbines.

The presence of the Liebherr heavy crane in the port of Rostock has so far been very valuable due to its innovative lifting technology: the direct location on the Baltic Sea and the good hinterland connections to the German rail network and to the A19 and A20 motorways are ideal logistical conditions for handling large goods.

So far, thanks to constructive cooperation between the partners on site and a careful preparation phase, monopolar shipments are proceeding according to plan. The entire project should last until the end of summer 2020.

Features of TCC 78000

TCC 78000 heavy-duty crane. Source: Liebherr

The TCC 78000 offers a maximum lifting capacity of 1,600 tonnes and is used at Liebherr for internal logistics processes in the production, assembly and dispatch of maritime cranes. The rail-mounted heavy duty crane TCC 78000 moves over 420 metres on a portal between the Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH factory site and the adjacent quayside. Equipped with a double trolley (two rails per side) and a rail gauge of 30 metres, the gantry crane provides optimum flexibility for handling all types of large-sized goods.

Source: Liebherr