iDig Announces Launch of Disruptive New 3D System at Upcoming Bauma

The makers of the most affordable 2D excavator guidance equipment have announced that the launch of their game-changing 3D version is to take place this October at Germany’s Bauma trade fair. Exciting key attributes of iDig’s highly anticipated equipment will be released at Bauma Dialogue from June 21-22 in Munich, according to CEO Albert Gamal.
When pressed for details, Gamal says that the 3D Connect – in line with the values of its 2D predecessor – is a solar powered, wireless tool that’s easily interchangeable between machines.

What’s more, the iDig 3D Connect improves upon the 2D system’s time and money saving attributes and offers better safety on-site.
Like its predecessor, the solar powered equipment reduces fuel consumption and offers construction businesses of all sizes a foothold in sustainable development.
“Still, there is more to come that we will discuss at Bauma Dialogue, starting on June 21,” Albert Gamal says.

iDig 2D: The “Touch” That Changed the Industry

Imagine being able to command your bucket teeth to dig to the desired depths, slopes and distances down to the exact centimeter – all from the comfort of your cab.
With the iDig 2D Touch, this is possible, and a lot more. With wireless, solar-powered sensors positioned on arm of your excavator, iDig calculates and shows the driver the exact position of the bucket, in real time and with centimetric precision.

At work with the iDig 2D Touch System, the industry’s most sought-after sidekick.
Digital, automatic grade checking permits operators to continue digging when they would otherwise be making frequent starts and stops, reducing fuel consumption.
In addition to being the most affordable 2D guidance system on the market, iDig pays for itself within 3 to 9 months by enabling users to finish projects up to 50% faster than they would in the days of manual grade checking.

Before iDig, an excavator driver had only two solutions available for grading on-site: The first option was to hire a grade-checker to take the measurements. This was not without risk because having a man in the trenches required constant monitoring from the driver. Otherwise, the driver took on grade checking among his other responsibilities, which required frequent stops. Drivers have reported regularly making as many as 50 cab exits per day and associate it with stress on their knees and back.

As one of the most innovative companies in France, with a global presence in 45 countries, iDig has been a specialist in excavator guidance at the cutting edge of technology for the past 14 years and today enjoys a growth rate of 50%, thanks to demand for its 2D and weighing excavator guidance solutions.


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