A Closer Look at Indeco Innovations Displayed at bauma 2022

As always, Bauma represents an important showcase for Indeco to exhibit the latest main trends in arrival to an audience of qualified operators. Innovations that, once again, arise from the careful listening of its audience of users and the accurate analysis of the main trends in progress on the market. First of all digital transformation and the introduction also in the field of hydraulic attachments of technologies compatible with the standards of 4.0 Industry. And then again, the one that tends to prefer the use of small operating machines and consequently, requires increasingly smaller and more efficient equipment, to ensure optimal and prolonged productivity over time.

Finally, a separate chapter concerns the improvement and future expansion of the range of forestry equipment, on which Indeco North America is focusing its technological investments and dedicated personnel.

Indeconnect System: Indeco launches the Internet of Tools

The first manufacturer to launch the “smart hammer” on the market in 1985, today, Indeco is still among the first to offer a range of hydraulic attachments with 4.0 technology. This is thanks to the new remote monitoring system “Indeconnect“, based on the principles of the Internet of Things to prevent equipment obsolescence and maintain their high performance over time. The system consists of a proprietary device to be mounted on the various equipment, provided with 4G technology for wireless interconnection to the network and a cloud-based web platform accessible from mobile (via app) or PC, with which to consult the data transmitted in real- time by each installed device: hours of work performed, working position in space, Hydraulic oil temperature, ambient temperature, GPS location and so on.

Through the use of Indeconnect it is now possible to obtain a series of advantages:

  • Monitor productivity, making sure that each Indeco tool is working as planned
  • Check the operation, verifying the equipment’s different internal and external parameters in real-time, to ensure that it is used in optimal conditions and appropriately
  • Increase security by remotely controlling the location of the equipment through GPS geo-location
  • Plan maintenance, monitoring in real-time the health status of each Indeco tool, also through the automatic alert and messaging system that allows you to order spare parts and minimize machine downtime
  • Optimize the rental by supervising and controlling the management of the rented equipment

IRC rail cutters :high speed in rail recycling

The transition from traditional to high-speed rail networks, taking place in all the most industrialized countries in the world, inevitably passes through the disposal and recycling of hundreds of thousands of kilometres of tracks. Hence the need to equip itself with adequate tools to process heat-treated steels to withstand enormous pressures.

The new IRC rail cutters are hydraulic tools specifically designed for cutting railway, tramway and metro rails. The particular design of their jaws, combined with the efficiency of the hydraulic system and the robustness of the machine body in special HARDOX® steel, allow the cutting of rails up to 75 kg of mass per metre, with hardness up to 300 Brinell. Two rail cutter models are available, IRC 20 and IRC 30, designed to operate at best on the different track standards present in the EU, USA and Asian countries.

IRP pulverizers: double plate for double protection

The excellent results obtained, in terms of lengthening the tool’s life through the insertion of an anti-wear plate on the mobile jaw of the IRP pulverizers, have pushed Indeco to adopt the same precaution also on the fixed jaw. The interchangeable plate will preserve the supporting structure of the pulverizer, allowing it to withstand strong pressures, abrasions and prolonged uses in any type of use.

ISS 8/13 shears: large cut, small size

A top model to complete the range of Indeco ISS shears. A slightly bigger model than the ISS 5/7, can be used on excavators from 6 tons. Among its distinctive features are the short and sturdy structure, low weight, perfect balance, the design of the jaws modified to optimize the cutting power and increase maximum opening, the presence of four interchangeable and reversible knives and the latest generation piercing tip.

Multi Grabs IMG 300: the range expands downwards

As has already happened for other ranges of Indeco equipment, the Multi Grabs have expanded to make room for a new model, the IMG 300, compatible with small excavators (starting from 3 tons) increasingly requested by the market.

IMH mulchers: a technological upgrade on the entire range

Recently undergoing radical restyling, the Range of Indeco mulchers are now being further modified through a series of “fine-tuning” interventions that further increase efficiency and reliability. Small but significant improvements have been made on the transmission and placement on the drum of the interchangeable teeth, now equipped with a “bite limiter” that prevents maximum penetration into the wood. In this way, it is possible to use larger teeth, such as The Indeco Cobras, to obtain a finer mulching and a more fluid shredding action that stresses the machine less and increases its productivity, making the most of the ratio between the weight of the equipment and the hydraulic capacity of the excavator.

Indeco Lube: automatic greasing even on small hammers

Another big novelty concerns the small equipment. This time it concerns smaller class hydraulic hammers that, starting from the HP 200, from now on will be equipped with a single centralized greasing point to which the Indeco Lube automatic greasing unit can be connected. This is an innovation loudly requested by users and promptly accepted by the Indeco Research and Development office.


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