[Job Story]Moldtech Completes New Tilting Table Project in Canada

Moldtech has successfully completed a new project in Canada. A tilting table 34 m long and 4 m wide was commissioned. The table includes a pneumatic vibrating system consisting of 21 vibrators strategically located at the bottom of the table. In addition, it includes a heating system using finned tubes connected to a hot water boiler and an isolation canvas.

The tilting mechanism of the table is carried out using hydraulic cylinders activated by a hydraulic unit with electrical control panel.

The casting surface of the tilting table is specially polished to guarantee a smooth and shiny finish of the panel surface. The steel plate that is in contact with the concrete is 10 mm thick.

The longitudinal sides are manually adjustable in height up to a maximum thickness of 30 cm for the production of insulating panels.

Their client in British Columbia, Canada has once again trusted Moldtech to expand its residential panel production line. We remind you that earlier 3 years ago we already did a project together with this client. The new tilting table will complement the previously delivered two tables.

Their installation team completed the assembly of the described table. In addition, they perform training for the operators to show the correct use of equipment in order to guarantee customer satisfaction, as is a must in each of the Moldtech projects.

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